Defining The Economy of Abundance

“Having abundant fisheries is the key to our future fishing interests and potentially our nation’s next growth cycle.” – Barry Torkington. Symposium Chairman.

Our Government is reviewing the Fisheries Act, drafting a Marine Protection Bill, and a new Minister’s Marine Group has been formed with attention firmly focused on fisheries within the Territorial Sea (waters to 12 miles offshore). This Symposium will bring elements of the new report on the economy of recreational fishing in New Zealand, the reconstruction of marine catches in NZ 1950-2010, and co-governance, to inform future management options. This Symposium is a private 3-day event hosted by LegaSea. The goal is to define objectives and policy settings that deliver much greater benefits to New Zealand from our inshore fisheries.

The goal is simple: to define goals and policy settings that deliver far greater benefits to New Zealand from our inshore fisheries.

April 8 -10, 2016

We’ve engaged with experts in economics, ecology, co-management, marine research, and the Sea Around Us program of catch reconstruction. We need you to help us build, test and refine the case for restored abundance.

Together we can present a robust and politically compelling multi-user option to increase the overall multi-generational value of NZ’s inshore fisheries.

This is an exclusive chance to share knowledge and collaborate with international experts. You’ll work alongside great minds in fisheries science and NZ movers and shakers. You’ll shape and influence the next major policy shift in NZ fisheries. There has never been a gathering like this.

The Fisheries Symposium has a positive focus, and is not single–use advocacy. Attendees represent traditional and recreational fishing interests, marine conservation and science experts. With many constructive viewpoints around the table, we anticipate a fast, fruitful, and full-on time.

Attendance is by invitation only, and at no cost to the attendee (LegaSea and other sponsors are paying the event costs).

Request your invitation to this private event by e-mailing


  • You get to participate in a unique, forward-focused event
  • Be inspired by opportunities to increase people’s wealth & wellbeing.
  • Participate in robust discussions on how to grow the regional
    & national economy by having abundant fisheries.
  • Connect with other positive people & share knowledge.


• Economics
• Policy development
• Conservation
• Marine research
• Co-management
• Ecology & marine science
• Renewable natural resources
• Sea Around Us catch reconstruction • Tourism & adventure holidays

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