Q: What is the NZ Fisheries Symposium?
A: NZ Fisheries Symposium is a private gathering of scientists, researchers, iwi, recreational interests, and other fishing industry stakeholders. It takes place April 8-10 in Snells Beach, an hour north of Auckland.  Attendees arrive in the morning of April 8, and will leave April 10.

Q: Who is organising the Fisheries Symposium?
A: The NZ Fisheries Symposium is hosted by LegaSea, a non-profit devoted to restoring abundance to New Zealand fisheries.

Q: Why should I attend the Abundance Symposium?
A: Two words: networking and influence.  The invitees to the Symposium are experts in various aspects of fisheries management, and their own areas of the fishing sector. There has never been a gathering like this before, where you can dine with the leading fisheries economist and ask questions of an iwi co-management advocate. By attending, you get to join these fine minds and help create New Zealand’s 21st century fisheries policy.

Q: Who will be there?
A: Confirmed attendees include Daniel Pauley of the University of British Columbia on moving baselines, abundance, and ecosystem; Evelyn Pinkerton of Simon Fraser University on co-management and first nations policy; and John Holdsworth of Bluewater Research on recreational catch recording and reporting.  Access to the full attendance list is restricted to confirmed attendees.

Q: What will it cost?
A: Attendance is free to invited guests.

Q: What’s included?
A: All food and beverages for the weekend are provided, and attendees may choose to stay on-site in shared dormitory accommodation or camp on-site for free.  Attendees who prefer more comfortable or private accommodation are welcome to explore the many accommodation options on offer in the area.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Your expertise, ideas, and questions.  Dress code is casual and comfortable.  Weather in April can be changeable, have clothing to suit warm and cold weather.

Q: What will happen on the days?
A:  We will have scheduled talks during the day, with some open sessions for discussion and planning groups suggested by attendees. Invitees are selected based on their expertise and work in the area of fisheries management. 

Q: Can I come for only one day?
A: The NZ Abundance Symposium has phases that dig into the research, identify possible directions, and formulate policy.  You won’t be able to help with one phase if you haven’t been a part of preceding phases.  To get the most from the event, plan to stay the whole time.  Dropping in and out is strongly discouraged.

Q: Do I have to stay in Snells Beach?  Can I commute?
A: You will get the most from the event by discussing the day’s ideas and activities in the evenings, something that you can’t do if you are commuting to Auckland.  Staying locally will give you the time to connect with everyone at the symposium.