Traveling to and around NZ Fisheries Symposium 2016

With very few exceptions, everyone at the Fisheries Symposium will be from somewhere else.

NZ Fisheries Symposium 2016 will be held at Snells Beach Retreat in Snells Beach. It is about 1.5 hours drive from Auckland Airport, and about one hour from Auckland. We highly recommend you use the Ride Share Forum to coordinate carpooling. You will be given access to that forum when you register for the Symposium. 

Airport driving directions. Plan for an additional 30 minutes’ driving time if returning south on Sunday evening due to Aucklanders heading back to the city from their baches on Omaha.

If you’ve decided to stick around for a while, or are planning on bringing you family and want to know what’s fun in the area, we’ve made a page “See and Do” what to do in the area outside of Kiwi Foo.

Visitors from Overseas

Americans, British, etc. shouldn’t need visas. The full list of countries is here. Everyone else can get a visa pretty easily.

If you are driving up, please be aware that the portion of motorway beyond Orewa is a toll road. This will speed up your trip — particularly on the way back when there’ll be long queues on the main road — but will cost you $2.40. See for details on how to pay online before or after your trip. If you’re in a rental car and fail to pay the toll, the rental car company will probably charge you like crazy.

It makes no sense to have a hundred cars drive north from Auckland on Friday and return on Sunday. Please use the Transportation Forum (link to be sent out with your Symposium Registration) to offer or request a ride share if you have a car or are looking for a ride.


If you’re coming from the airport and wanting to catch the bus, the AirBus will be able to drop you at the pick-up point for any of the bus companies that service Warkworth. We will need to sort transfers from Warkworth to Snells Beach for those arriving by bus.

The major bus lines that service Warkworth are NakedBus, Mana Bus, Intercity, and Northliner.  They can all be booked online.
For direct transfer from the airport to Snells Beach, Warkworth Taxi and Mini Bus is a reasonable option if you are with a group of people who can split the cost.